S2_E6 – Gods Not Invited-Learned Behavior

In Part 2 of the God’s Not Invited series, I welcome special guest, Jamika Carter, into the spacious place. Jamika and I dive into a chapter in the book called Learned Behavior. We dive into tough questions like, “Should I share my past sexual history with my spouse?” and “Where were the tough questions about sex in premarital counseling?” The conversation gets real ladies.
Jamika Carter, is a prolific woman of God that dedicates her life to encouraging others to live their life full of faith WITH works. Throughout her journey, she’s learned the power of prayer and the widespread desire of people to strengthen their relationship with God through her faith-based movement, known as PrayerPlug. 
As a disciple, wife, mother of 2, Howard Alum, and Delta, her enthusiasm for structure and development have enhanced her current endeavors. Writing, real estate investing and inspirational speaking are the primary avenues, Jamika exercises both faith and works. She strives to break barriers and use every experience in her life to foster creative projects proven to transform lives.
Jamika wholeheartedly believes this is a time where anything is possible. Contrary to the status quo, Jamika aspires to redefine all aspects of entrepreneurship through PrayerPlug by “putting God first and allowing all things to flow according to His will” (Matt. 6:33).

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