Series: Unapologetically Fierce With Faythe

Episode 5 – Caribbean Awareness Month (Faythe, Kerri and Tamara)

In this episode, we discuss Caribbean Heritage and reminisce about growing up in a Caribbean household.

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Episode 4 – COVID Part 4 – Commerce in COVID

In this episode, we discuss commerce in COVID to include how our spending habits have changed with tribe and my friend, special guest, Tiffany. My friend Donna, who has been working in finance for over 20 years, about the CARES (Corona Aid, Relief and…

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Episode 3 COVID Part 3 Education in COVID (Faythe, Kerri, Tamara, Myrna) 

In this episode, we discuss how parents are adjusting to home schooling with Cathy (a teacher for over 20 years) and Kristy (a professor and life-long learner).

Special guests – Cathy (teacher) and Kristy (professor)

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Episode 2 –COVID Part 2 – Work during COVID V2 (Faythe, Kerri, Tamara, Myrna)

In this episode, we discuss how our work life has changed during COVID and how to adjust to working from home. My godsister, Thea (a travelling nurse who worked in NYC when they were at the epicenter of the pandemic) and friend, Channon (who is…

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Episode 1 COVID Part 1_How Are You

In this introductory episode, we speak on finding out how we are really doing (physically and mentally) and how we are getting through this new normal named “Life in COVID”. It is the beginning of a 4-part series.

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