The Conversation With Corinthus Alston

On "The Conversation With Corinthus Alston. I will be talking to you about different subjects such as health and wellness, business and finance, education and different issues affecting our daily lives and how these issues affect us. 

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The goal of this podcast is to have discussions on different topics and issues that are going on in our lives, so that you the listeners can have an in-depth understanding of the level of impact these conversations can have in our lifestyles and daily activities.

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Episode 15 – Is College Worth It?

On this episode of The Conversation, I will be discussing with my special guest Dr. Nayshon Mosley is college worth it from a financial perspective as well as growing into maturity as an adult.

S2 E14 Fatherhood From A Woman’s Perspective Part 2

In Part 2 of this episode, I continue the conversation about Fatherhood and Father’s Day by getting a woman’s perspective on the this matter.

S2 E13 Fatherhood Fom A Woman’s Perspective Part 1

In Part 1 of this episode, I continue the conversation about Fatherhood and Father’s Day by getting a woman’s perspective on the this matter.

S2-E12 Fatherhood And Blended Families

On this episode we discuss Fatherhood in regards to Blended Families. We put all on the table and have a real conversation how some of the challenges involved and what should be discussed upfront.

S2-E11 Fatherehood – Starting All Over Again

Again we are continuing the conversation about fatherhood with my Special Guest Leon Wilson. This time we are going to talk about Starting Over All Over Again with littles one when you have grown children already in their 20s and 30s. Come watch and…

S2_E10- Fatherhood And Being A New Dad

Kicking off Season 2 with a serires on Fatherhood. In this episode I a talk to Chris Kirkwood on being a new father and how that has impacted and changed the way he views fatherhood and all the responsiblities that come along with it.

Episode 9- Lessons Learned in Education with Renee Harris

In this episode, I speak with Renee Harris who a Math Data Specialist with Columbus City Schools. We discuss some of the challenges the Columbus City Schools had when schools was forced to shutdown and develop alternative methods to educated…

Episode 8 – Financial Literacy – Debt, Taxes and Investing with Angela Williams

From being laid off and facing foreclosure to becoming debt-free, a credit score of 800 and multiplying a $1000 investment portfolio into high six-figure account by leveraging the principle and concepts of Financial Literacy. Angela has taught…

Episode 7 – What is a Mortgage Forbereance and do I qualify for it? Special Guest – Marcus Jefferson

“What is this mortgage forbearance everyone is talking about, and do I qualify and can this help me financially get ahead? To help me tackle this topic. I sought out Mr. Jefferson who has over 30 years’ experience providing financial and mortgages…