The Conversation With Corinthus Alston

On "The Conversation With Corinthus Alston. I will be talking to you about different subjects such as health and wellness, business and finance, education and different issues affecting our daily lives and how these issues affect us. 

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The goal of this podcast is to have discussions on different topics and issues that are going on in our lives, so that you the listeners can have an in-depth understanding of the level of impact these conversations can have in our lifestyles and daily activities.

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Episode 6 – Financial Literacy

In this Episode of The Conversation. I share information about Financial Literacy and why it is so important.

Episode 5 – Let’s Talk About It

Episode 5 – Let’s Talk About It

In this episode, I take moment to give my thoughts and feelings about the recent events happening in America. Leon Wilson (Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur) joins me in this conversation as we look at these events…

Episode 4 – Expectations And Education

There are so many expectations when it comes to education that parents may or may not know about. I recently found out that my 4-year-old will need to take a test just to get into kindergarten. Yes. I said kindergarten. He needs to learn to write…

Episode 3 – Part 2. Aspirations, Dreams, and Reality (How do we pay for college for our children)

Part 2. Aspirations, Dreams and Reality – How do we pay college for our children? Christopher Kirkwood stops by The Conversation to continue this discussion and shares some important tips on how we support the students as they go away to college. He…

Episode 2 – Aspirations, Dreams, and Reality (How do we pay for college for our children)

Aspirations, Dreams and Reality. How do we pay college for our children? Well Dr. Nayshon T. Mosley stops by The Conversation to help us with this question and much more. With over 20 years experience as a champion in educational opportunities for…

Episode 1.5 – Working From Home (The New Norm)

In episode 1.5 , the discussion centers are around Working From Home as the new norm. Twitter CEO tells his employees that they can work from home forever if they want to. Me and guest, Leon Wilson (Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur discuss what…

Episode 1- The New Norm

In episode 1, I discuss the New Norm. Working from home, ELearning, How we communicate and and much more. Join me as I talk about how the New Norm will change the way live today and moving forward.